Horror Me

LE HORROR ME is an ongoing recording project. Hikool was blown away when he saw Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend and The Moldy Peaches for the first time, supporting David Kitt in Berlin in 2001. Right after the show, he started downloading hundreds of free MP3s of artists labeled "Antifolk" - people he eventually got to know personally four years later on a New York trip. "Le Horror Me" started, and Heiko became the regular opening act at the singer-songwriter night "Four Track On Stage" which he also co-organises. Inspired by the openness and friendship of the New York East Village community, he wrote his best songs - full of personal references and never-heard-before rhymes - in "The City" in 2005 and recorded the now legendary "Central Park Session" on multiple tape recorders at the same time. Heiko gave the master tapes to new found friends as a goodbye present. He also performed at the Sidewalk Café. Most of the material written in New York later appeared on the EP "Songs Written, Forever Smitten", recorded and produced by French singer-songwriter Clémence Freschard in her Kreuzberg apartment. The EP features cameos by Freschard herself and André Herman Düne of cult band Herman Düne. Gigs in cosy Berlin clubs and bars like Zosch, Schokoladen and Hotelbar followed, and in December 2005, Le Horror Me was joined by a band for the first time, The Special Needs - bassist Simon (Ping), guitarist Falk of Berlin indie rock band Dolo and drummer Robert (Ladyboy). For April 2006, an extensive German tour with New York bands The WoWz (RIYL Records) and Huggabroomstik (Luv-A-Lot Records) is confirmed. [by Sibsi, 2006] Another short tour in spring 2007 with Huggabroomstik and Ching Chong Song/Church of Lurch and Phoebe Kreutz (all are from NYC). And a tour in 2008 with Huggabroomstik of course.