Self-Published Awesome Book-A Question of Values by Morris Berman


Why here and not in the message section?
I thought about that, and have decided to leave it here.
Morris has not been able to find a publisher for this book.

The fact that Bush's book is a bestseller and Berman has to use a print service (Amazon) to make his available shows how weird the world is.

A NYT reviewer smeared his last book (which I have not read)--maybe because the reviewer couldn't take Morris's honesty.

“A Question of Values” is an alternately sobering and inspiring collection of essays by noted historian and cultural critic Morris Berman. Berman pulls no punches in laying bare the truths about who we are, not just as a nation, but also as individuals wrapped up in the destructive pursuit of material excess. In the unswerving style of his other writings, he rips apart the national illusion of greatness.---Nomi Prins