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Major Matt Mason presents: Huggabroomstik - Alternative
Major Matt Mason narrates this rock opera/concept album. the rough outline is Time/Space/Sacrifice/Lesbians/Nuclear War/zombies, mutants, heroes, and villians. Huggabroomstik blast into outer space and befriend and are befriended by a community of outer space crusaders. Outerspace Huggabroomstik and the outerspace crusaders return to earth in order to defend earthlings from the injustices they have to endure. Multi-tracked chaotic and psychadelic alternative is absolutely the most dense record Huggabroomstik has yet recorded, chanting, very stoned guitar riffage, and prog keyboards submerge being mean means being mean into a pop morass sticky as a tar pit. Fear Foolish shows the bands folkier side harkening back to the luv-a-lot years with acoustic guitar, saw, kazoo, trumpet and tambourine with harmony vocals and uplifting lyrics proclaiming independence, freedom, and courage. THis is the part of the story when Huggabroomstik comes together and reaffirms themselves prior to their returning to earth from outerspace. Diamond Eyeballs opens stoned
acapella with chorus style psychadelic vocals, inspired by Dufus, Neil Kelly sings of an evil villain that Huggabroomstik and the crusaders sing with single minded conviction rides this vocalizing to fight this evil on earth. Indoor's Love has Huggabroomstik is a statement of love the forces of good have returned to earth and have incorporated the villains to the conversion of love and freedom and over spoken word and glockenspiel let freedom ring. For such an idiosyncratic premise the CD has a very deep and relevant message, Major Matt Mason reigns in the abandon to bring out the best in the bevy talented writers and performers in Huggabroomstik, a fantastic record in every way.
- So my brother Chris came over to watch some college basketball on T.V., Duke beat Wake on ESPN, what else is new, and Georgetown beat Villanova on SNY and that's new because Villanova have been great all year, top 5, but as they say, that's the Big East, the teams will beat each other up all year and you never know whats going to happen, while Duke cakewalks the ACC. That's not true though, the ACC is always a deep conference , even in its down years, but Duke with impeccable offensive and defensive execution will alway win the ACC unless another ACC has a serious mega-talent. Unfortunately for these other ACC teams their mega-talents go hardship after a year or two. Jon Calipari anyone? So our Dad is from Akron so his side of the family has an affinity for the black keys after all they're from Akron and they're a great band. I talked with Pat in london, we did a Peel sessions on consecutive days, needless to say our trajectories went in opposite directions, but that's a story for another day, Chris burnt me a copy of the big Come Up and and Keep it Hid. The Big Come Up is great, a minimal Hendrix style comes through on Do the Rump. I like this CDR, it's lo-fi and grungy, I wonder if this is their Bomp/Alive record, I always figured it would be their best record, I think they got more polished and clean as time went by. Why not, they always play big venues now, and the tickets are really expensive. Blaks starts with a drum roll and cranks into some late sixties style guitar blues riffage with vocals mixed down, something late sixties style guitar blues riffage bands should have done more of in the late sixties. Leaving Trunk features a stonesy riff without the Jagger emotive, maybe James Gang or ZZ Top. It's amazing how many bands churn out this awesome music, The White Stripes, The Sprinkle Genies, Royal Trux, The Blues Explosion and it always sounds good, a credit to the awesome blues, it's funny how people think of the blues a downer, an excuse, or a temporary solution, because ... TBC... Auebach, Heartbreakers, X-Ray Specks...