Why I am ending my (girl)cott of Sidewalk Cafe.


First let me say that I am not under the false impression that everyone (or anyone perhaps) cares about the fact that I was boycotting the Sidewalk, or that I am coming back.
Short answer is I just don't believe in it anymore, and I would rather do as my heart dictates in the moment than something I believe is no longer right for the sake of mindless consistency.

The real mistake was saying I would do it for one year just because that was an easy amount of time to spew out in the moment without giving it serious consideration.

Though I could be deluding myself--I doubt that I am.
It's not about it being hard and just giving up.
When I believe something is right I don't mind the hardship of it.

It's not about being blindly addicted to performing.
I can play other places--GBM comes to mind, and I went a year while in Ga. without doing a show and was fine.
It's not that Derrick attended a show--and being in solidarity with him and Carrie were one of the reasons I started the boycott.
It's about nothing external per se.
It's ultimately about the fact that I just do not belive in it.

Like everyone else I won't be alive forever.
I can't afford to stay away from a place just so someone won't say "Hey, you don't keep your word."
If someone says that I will have to admit that they are right in this instance.
Let's however be clear about it--it was the word I gave that was wrong, not my breaking of it.
Anyone who knows what's up will understand that I am realigning with reality, and that my 1 year boycott was a sloppy and somewhat innacurate way to deal with what I felt when Sidewalk was closed the way that it was.

"Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."--Emerson

Is this all an elaborate excuse to take the easy way out?
No, it's not.
If I knew it were right to continue the boycott I would do it, and I would do it effortlessly.