Rock 'n Rollers Don't Bathe


A list of things different since you’ve been away:
- I keep more stuff on the kitchen table: my watch, magazines, pens, water bottle. I also keep my jacket and the occasional shirt hanging from the backs of chairs
- The plants are not getting watered as much
- I don’t buy one of those little cartons of milk for coffee. I just use the soy milk.
- I eat less steel cut oats
- I run less
- I sleep less
- For weeks mosquitoes were torturing me at night
- I look at the Internet more and I watch more television
- I talk to the cat more. (We’ll a little more maybe.)
- I spend less money on food
- I eat less chicken
- I think less about the future
- I took one of the two broken cameras in get repaired. They told me it was going to be $100. It’s been about a week and I still haven’t decided if it’s worth it
- I started working late nights at a hip hop dance club
- It’s colder outside
- The fridge is less full
- I’ve stolen one of your pillows to prop myself up while I surf the internet in bed.
- I haven’t watched a single Netflix
- I lived for two days off of some sandwiches I found in the basement of the club.
- My web browser is crashing a lot
- I keep my pajamas on the bed instead of in the closet.
- I don’t make the bed as much but sometimes I do.
- Every morning the left hand corner of the elastic rimmed sheet covering the mattress is pulled off slightly
- I tried to change the cat’s food bowl because there is a chip in the side. But it seemed to confuse him so I changed it back.
- I’ve started playing my “crappy” guitar again. I’m using an even lighter pic.
- I bought a new wallet
- I wrote a song inspired by Occupy Wall Street
- I save the leftover coffee every morning and put it in the fridge. Then I heat it up the next day in the microwave
- I’m starting to see roaches in the kitchen
- I feel tired a lot.
- 2 light bulbs have burned out
- As I write this I can see three half filled glasses of water sitting around the apartment
- I started eating bagels again
- When we talk on Skype and I see your face displayed through the computer screen I see you more objectively as a beautiful woman as opposed to that cute girl I fell in love with originally. I’m happy to say I like them both equally.