Rock 'n Rollers Don't Bathe


Me Stuff
I used some of my recent live sound engineering money to pay to get Nan's (kind of mine now) good digital camera fixed. I decided to start experimenting more with the flash. I also got a little bag for the camera because someone told me the reason the the camera broke in the first place was because it got dirt in the extending lens. This made it stop turning on all together. I also got a USB memory card reader that makes it much easier for me to upload my pictures to the Internet. It feels good to be able to experiment with photography again. I like doing something creative and not sound related. I read a quote recently that said something like "Learn one thing and do it really, really well." I think that's total bullshit. Maybe if you're making screwdrivers or something like that but I feel like as a human being that's a recipe for depression. I think you should try something different every day.
Also I made a new video of an old song. It was so easy I think I'm going to do more. I made it using pictures that I already had on my computer. I decided to just keep all the cuts equally spaced with this kind of Ken Burns effect that was a default in my iMovie but maybe I'll get more experimental with this stuff in the future.