USA Tour 2011: No Hassle & No Stars


Day 3 and 4

These days were originally an e-mail to Greg and Ahndraya, but I wrote so much I figured it could save me time and be my next diary entry. (with some editing)

The treatment in Buffalo has been A +, the crowd not so big (maybe 40 people)- the turn out was probably hurt because there was another show in town-The Sadies and Jesse Sykes
We played Sugar City
And the folks there were super nice, probably one of the only US promoters who actually cooked us a dinner. (and had yummy brownies)

A local act named Jack Toft opened the show. My brother has played with him before. Amazing entertainer rap guy, sort of like the Beastie boys meets indie-rock/Daniel Johnston.
If you ever need a weird rap act to play some event, get this guy.

Tonight is also our first show with Emperor X,

super sweet folks, we'll be touring with them until Cincinnati. They let me borrow their guitar amp for my bass. They even take some of our merch in their vehicle even though it looks like that have less room than us.

After the show we went with the promoter to an art opening at very nice art/gallery space., Hallwalls. The Artist was Joel Brenden and he had a very impressive show of paintings and drawings. It was quite good and inspiring.

We stayed with Aime the promoter and got cinnamon buns and this cafe she recommended.

The next day we went to Niagara Falls and spent a couple hours walking around the water falls.

Just like the last time I was here at Niagara Falls I didn't have a digital camera. So this time I took photos with my computer.

Then to Toronto, the boarder wasn't too tough on us.

We visited the famous comic book shop the Beguiling. Last time I passed through here with Jeff in 2001 we ran into two of our favorite comic-book artists Chester Brown and Seth, but no celeb sitings this time.

I'm in the middle of reading Chester Brown's "Paying For It"




At the venue 2 people see me reading it and tell me they just read it themselves. (it's an autobio comic about the authors history with prostitutes. It's very entertaining.)

Jeff and I joke that we should take a tour of Toronto and visit all the prostitutes that get mentioned in the book.

After the Toronto show we drove back to Buffalo to stay at Aime's which is where I'm writing you from now.