Joe Crow Ryan covers Soft Black


Joe Crow Ryan just did some recording with Michael David Campbell (A Fermata, Felt Light Strikes), who produced all the studio tracks on Joe's first two CDs at the Brooklyn Tea Party.

Now, Michael has a studio set up in a space in DUMBO, and he invited Joe to try it out. Joe and Michael have been working on a couple dozen tracks that will end up on Joe's upcoming album, tentatively titled This Machine Kills Purists Part III: Trolling For Purists, or No More Ironing, or What You Will. (...heck, they've been working so fast, there might be enough for a fourth CD too...)

Joe and Michael let me into the space to videotape the sessions on their first day. I'm going to put up a series of videos over the next few weeks.

The first video that I put up today, features Joe Crow's cover of the Soft Black song "Did You Put A Spell On Me?" by Vincent Cacchione (also of the band Caged Animals).

Check it out on Youtube:
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