Saturday 4/28: Brooklyn house show to celebrate the end of a band


Elastic No-No Band as a real live band and not just a pseudonym for yours truly (Justin Remer) came into being some time in 2005. I had started attending the Anti-hoot at Sidewalk, and had started scooping up talented performers to play with me. In 2007, we were really starting to cook. Doug Johnson joined us from outside the Sidewalk crowd, and became known as smiliest drummer on the scene (he has also gone onto be an occasional session drummer for the likes of Thomas Patrick Maguire and Brook Pridemore).

And now, five short years later, we're all washed-up. The release of BLACK NO-NO'S, a CD consisting of new studio recordings, live material, and some outtakes, marks the end of an obscure band I sure as shit enjoyed leading.

To celebrate -- because you should celebrate this type of thing -- I'm having a house show at my apartment featuring solo sets by 3 members of Elastic No-No Band: me, Preston Spurlock, and John Mulcahy (also the leader of The Telethons). PLUS Thomas Patrick Maguire, Debe Dalton, Dan and Rachel, and Joe Crow Ryan.

Saturday, April 28, 2012
no cover, but bring tip money
BYOB, but we'll have some B and some homemade food -- first come, first served
Copies of BLACK NO-NO'S will be given away free

email me at weemaykmusic at gmail dot com, for the address.