Olive Juice Music News Letter #7

olive_juice.jpgWe are sorry to announce that the Distro section of the Olive Juice Music website will be ending on March 1st, 2012. We greatly appreciate all of our customers who have supported all of this great art through the years. A lot of our back catalog pricing has been greatly reduced so check out some great music at a great price either
Artist: http://www.olivejuicemusic.com/artists
or by
Title: http://www.olivejuicemusic.com/distro

The rest of the Olive Juice Music website will remain as a living archive for the past, present, and future OJ community. The Forum and Open Blog will continue to serve as means to connect with all of the wonderful artists that we've met and will continue to encounter along our journey as Independent Music fans. But as far as the Distro/Store goes, there are just under 2 weeks left folks. So, if you ever wanted to order something from the Olive Juice Music website now is the time. And as always, thank you for supporting real independent music.