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Fuff #8 - Comic by Jeffrey Lewis
Catalog #: OJM-0056
List Price: $3.00
Fuff # 8, written and drawn by Jeffrey Lewis (24-page, standard format, b & w comic book. Mature themes and language.) Fuff continues with an ever-increasing standard of artistic excellence from acclaimed musician/storyteller/illustrator Jeffrey Lewis! Issue 8 features a new epic "Stories My Dad Tells" 17-page biographical installment, this time concerning the true 1969 adventures of a New York City bohemian attempting to build a cabin on a mountain in Maine. Fuff # 8 also features pre-adolescent super hero "Meteorite Mite" in a very strange and personal adventure...

Let's Worship Degenerates (13 Meditations 0n Decline) - CDR by Folkicide
Catalog #: OJD-0287
List Price: $10.00

Only 100 limited edition numbered copies.(2010)

It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through - CD by Jeffrey Lewis
Catalog #: OJD-0288
List Price: $10.00
The classic second Jeffrey Lewis CD, with full lyrics included (this is a real CD but in a slip sleeve, not a jewel case). (2003)

This Machine Kills Purists Volume 2 - CD by Joe Crow Ryan
Catalog #: OJD-0289
List Price: $10.00

The second volume in an ongoing series documenting the work of "New York's greatest living subway singer" (according to Brook Pridemore). Like Volume One, this collection was recorded on location in the subway, live at the Sidewalk Cafe, and during rare sessions in the studio. Features guest appearances by Julie LaMendola of Ching Chong Song, Doug Johnson of Elastic No-No Band, and J.J. Hayes. (Expect Part III some time in 2011.) (2010)

Corporation Town/Divorce Man 7" Vinyl by Thomas Patrick Maguire
Catalog #: OJD-0290
List Price: $4.00

A handsome slab of green-colored vinyl featuring two of the best tracks from the Queens-based singer-songwriter's upcoming album, TEMPER TANTRUMS CAUSE DELAYS.(2010)

Erin Regan - CD by Erin Regan
Catalog #: OJD-0291
List Price: $10.00

Erin's debut album is the perfect accompaniment for a long car trip, a bright winter day or a solitary sunrise. Her poetic songs sung in a heart-stopping dark alto over sparse acoustic arrangements touch on confusion, pain and transcendent beauty in family, mortality and childhood. Songwriter and playwright Dan Fishback describes this record as "smack dab halfway between Elliott Smith and Suzanne Vega." Produced by Casey Holford. (2010)

You Want This - CDR by JoFranna
Catalog #: OJ-0074
List Price: $5.00

In their first release Joanna, Queen of the Unbeatable Beat, and Fran the Deadpan Diva, join forces to bring you five earth-shattering bit-hop epics. You had better recognize. (2010)

Well Here We Are (EP) - CDR by A Brief View Of the Hudson
Catalog #: OJD-0292
List Price: $5.00

Well Here We Are is the brand new home recorded EP by your favorite folk duo A Brief View of the Hudson. It was recorded specifically for their first European tour earlier this year. (2010)

13 States - CDR by Sam James
Catalog #: OJD-0293
List Price: $10.00

Sam James is the solo project of WoWz guitarist Sam Grossman. "13 States," that project's first album, is a selection of songs from his 51-piece songbook "The United States." It's an unadorned solo acoustic CD-R, made possible with the help of old friends Ben Fries and Andrew Raposo. (2010)

Eth - CD by DUFUS
Catalog #: OJD-0294
List Price: $10.00

After almost 13 years and 10 full length recordings, Dufus is putting out their final album. This album's production includes Seth Faergolzia's voice and compositional wizardry, a horn section, two drummers, violin, a choir, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, toy piano, accordion, flute, and circuit bent noise instruments. It is our most grandiose and well plotted production. The content addresses a number of ideas including the importance of silence, long time friends, post-child breakups, love, schizophrenia, and profound dream stories. (2010)

Heavy Metal Music - T-Shirt by Chris Andersen
Catalog #: OJM-0057
List Price: $10.00

White on black. Crew neck. 100% cotton. Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Original design by Chris Andersen. (Please specify size with your order.)

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