Travelling Emergency: Need Couch(es) In New Orleans From Feb 15th-22nd!

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Hey all,

My good friend Olga has had it all planned (she's bought the ticket and all) to go visit New Orleans Need Couch(es) Feb 15th-22nd.
She was going to be staying at the home of a friend of hers.

Then just today (the day before her flight) her host has had what sounds to me like a veritable breakdown. Olga only knew him as a casual friend, turns out he's really wonkey and a rager.

So now Olga's in a bad spot. She has her time off work, her non-refundable plane tickets and noewhere to stay. Like many of us, she's a grunt worker and so cannot afford to pay to stay at a hostel that whole time.

I know how hard she works and how special this is for her to be able to travel like this. It pains me to imagine this'll fall through for her like this, this is why I'm reaching out on her behalf.

I've been living with her all month as she's helping me with this intensive dog-sitting gig I'm presently in, so I can totally vouch for her character. She's a super sweet, super courteous person. I'm sure she wouldn't be a demanding guest in any respect.

please e-mail me directly: silverpeddle "at" gmail "dot" com