Seeking Spring Housing Alternatives Starting Late March

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Hello, Folks

I'm seeking housing alternatives starting the last week of March when my current, dog-sitting gig expires. Due to physical disability, I'm cash-poor and so I cannot afford normal full rent. This is a temporary problem that I expect will be resolved by a few months from now because I'm currently retraining and establishing a new trade. In the meantime, I must depend on alternative accomodations.

Beginning in the last week of March, I'm seeking temporary residence even for as little as a week at a time-- Availability for anytime throughout the Spring or early Summer will be worth mentioning to me.

I'm more than willing to arrange a work-trade that's within my physical capabilities and reasonable, time-wise. For example, I'm great with animal care, you can be an art patron and ask me to make you a drawing a week, I can even contribute partial rent (200-300/month). I can live with little privacey such as in a common room.

This is really a matter of survival and the maintanence of my mental health as that's is critical as I accomplish ambitious goals. I will be free to discuss the details of my situation, needs and limitations with whoever is considering my request. Thank you.

e mail me directly at: silverpeddle at gmail dot com