I need a stand-up bass player

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I'm starting a Motown cover band. I have a good looking female jazz singer and a great male vocalist and rhythm guitar player on board. I play lead guitar and can sing low harmonies. All of us have been playing professionally. I'm looking to put together a band that get can get a crowd singing, dancing, drinking and tipping big.

I'm looking for a stand-up bass player with some jazz experience. Doesn't have to have a degree or anything, just looking for someone who can stay tight and do a cool bass solo now and then.

I don't have any gigs lined up, but places like the Red Lion on Bleecker would kill to book a band like this. The agenda, of course, is to build a following, build chemistry and then slowly start working in our own original music and selling some merchandise.

Hit me up if you're interested. I'm Steve. 302-559-8823.


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