Schwervon "Spring Roll" Tour 2013


Hi Friends! We're hitting the road again this Spring. These are confirmed dates so far. Love till Niagara Falls, Nan + Matt

March 8 - Wichita, KS @ Kirby's Beer Store w/ Bergeron + Money Badger

March 9 - Tulsa, OK @ The Soundpony (w/ The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage + The Levitators)

March 13 - Austin, TX @ Shangri-La's Major Matt Mason USA show w/ Special Guests! ( 1:15pm Sharp!

March 16 - Austin, TX @ Shangri-La's ("SXSW Midcoast Takeover/ 6:15pm sharp!

March 17 - Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land (SXSW Overflow Fest)

March 18th - New Orleans, LA @ Allways Lounge (w/ The Dangerous Ponies + Norwegian Arms + Bottomfeeders)

March 19 - Memphis, TN @ Tako's Treasures (w/ White Mystery + The Vignettes + Gay Brother + Berkano) Read more »

The Caves + Coed Pageant + Schwervon + The Author & The Illustrator @ Art Closet Studios / KC, MO


Art Closet Studios
3951 broadway
Kansas City, MO
All Ages/ $4

The AUTHOR AND THE ILLUSTRATOR (KC Indie Experimental) -

SCHWERVON! (KC Indie Rock) -

COED PAGEANT (Illinois Indie Rock) -

THE CAVES (KC Indie Rock) -


Major Matt "Show Poem" from: Rabbit Killer, Folkicide, Major Matt Mason USA @ Davey's Uptown- KC,MO- 2/13/13


Just before waking up today I had an anxiety dream. I’ve grown to kind of enjoy anxiety dreams. They seem to be the kinds dreams that I remember most frequently. This dream took place on the day of my college graduation. I was waiting in a room, preparing to walk out onto a field with my fellow graduates. Then I realize that I’m supposed to be giving a speech of some kind and I’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare for it. There’s a couple of other very smart looking people in the room with me that are looking over notes and mumbling to themselves like they're rehearsing their own speeches. Read more »



The Midwest Music Foundation is proud to present the fourth annual MidCoast Takeover, March 13th – 16th at Shangri-La in Austin, TX. This event promises four days of music, mayhem, and general debauchery — the definitive Midwestern musical throw down. MidCoast Takeover will showcase bands from Kansas City, Lawrence, and the Midwest region on the national stage during South by Southwest.

The first round of 2013 bands have been selected. Congratulations to all the bands! Read more »

The Anthology Film Archives Presents the New York Premier of Corporate FM A New Film by Kevin McKinney & Jill McKeever January 7


In 1996, commercial radio underwent a quiet revolution. In the wake of the new “Telecom Act,” local station owners everywhere sold their stations to conglomerate groups as fast as they could. The new corporate owners gutted staffs. Corporate FM is about what happens when a city loses a communal microphone. Radioʼs broad coverage gives it the ability to unify huge populations. Unlike Facebook, Satellite radio, or webbased music sharing apps, locally owned terrestrial radio can reach thousands of people across all incomes and ages in a local region at the same time with a message that is relevant to them at that moment. Read more »

Schwervon 2012 Fall European Tour Blog Recap!


Nan and I got back recently from a 5 week tour of Europe in support of our new album Courage. First off, thank you for your support! This was our most successful tour to date. We are so thankful to those who appreciate and share in what we do. If would you’d like to check out the new album (Olive Juice/Loud Baby Sounds), you can purchase your own personal copy in digital or limited edition CD and Vinyl format from the Schwervon! Bandcamp page.
Nan and Matt

Week # 1 of European Tour: Berlin, Dresden, Krakow, Vienna, Munich, Nuremburg

Week #2, 3: Mannheim, Regensburg, Gunzenhausen, Tobel, Zurich, Wetzler, Darmstadt, Cologne, Bremen

Week# 3, 4 Oldenburg, Hannover, Hamburg, Offenbach, Nantes, Paris

Week # 4, 5 London, Cardiff, Bristol, Nottingham, Wakefield, Manchester

Week #5 Halifax, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Home Read more »

2012 Q. and A. with Stanley Brinks aka Andre Herman Dune


1. Stanley, you spend very little time on the internet.
How come you don't spend more?
Why do you spend any?

I have to, mostly for work, because i don't use the telephone. As little as i can, though, one hour a week or something, all at once, and not every week. I feel much better only being where i am, one place in space.

2. You were one of the original members of Herman Dune.
Why did you leave the band?

We lasted a very long time, for a two-headed band. I liked that we didn't rehearse at all, we were even living in different countries for a while. It seemed to make sense back then to have a bit of a mess on stage. We did that for a decade, then we were ready to try new things. I started listening to calypso myself, it's still my main influence as Stanley Brinks. I still play with people a lot of the time, i like improvisation, solos and all. I get a lot of that when i perform with the Wave Pictures, or with my new Norwegian band - the Kaniks.

3. What kind of musical project(s) are you currently involved in? Read more »

Schwervon! + Paleface + Folkicide @ Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club/ Kansas City, MO / Nov. 14th / 9pm


PALEFACE: "a neo-folk icon" (The Flagpole, Athens GA) is currently on tour as a three piece band in support of his Ramseur Records follow-up, One Big Party. The band celebrated the release with a special guest-performance alongside The Avett Brothers at NYC's Radio City Music Hall, followed by US and Europe tours. And soon after, PASTE Magazine premiered "PALEFACE: The Making Of One Big Party", a short documen
tary which follows the band as they record their new album and travel across the US, including clips from live performance in NYC and Boston's The House of Blues. Paleface has released over a dozen records including two major label releases, and he's collaborated and performed on three albums by The Avett Brothers. He's also influenced and inspired a wide range of musical acts, from electropopsters YACHT, to Grammy Award recipients Kimya Dawson (The Moldy Peaches / Juno), and Beck who calls Paleface “a big influence on my early work” on Annie Leibovitz’s book American Music. At the moment, Paleface is in the process of writing a new album to record later in the year, and in the meantime he's self-released Multibean Bootleg Vol.3, a collection of raw demos, live performances and outtakes.

"Paleface's One Big Party is one big sonic shit-eatin' grin. Joyous, carefree and catchy as hell, this record is a perfect and cost-effective antidote to whatever ails ya" My Old Kentucky Blog

SCHWERVON!: A two piece rock band....Nan plays drums and Matt plays guitar and they both sing. They lived in NYC for 15+ years and have recently relocated to Kansas City with their cat Gummo. While living in Manhattan, they recorded and mixed the bulk of their music in their apartment as well as curating a DIY music hub called Olive Juice Music, which centered around their own local and online community. They all presently reside in Shawnee, Kansas with Matt’s Dad Harry. Together, Schwervon! have produced 4 full length albums, 2 seven inch vinyl only singles, in addition to touring the world and performing with The Vaselines, Belle and Sebastian, Kimya Dawson, The Thermals, Jeffrey Lewis, The Essex Green, Comet Gain, Herman Dune, Veronica Falls, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and other luminaries. Read more »

post parade/yardsale online zine


Debe Dalton - Lives in Brooklyn
Kale Records, 2012

A timeless album you will play over and over, good music for chilling in the afternoon or evening and good music for coming down in the morning. Stalwart Seeger and Newport treatments render a comfortable listen yet Dalton's activist wit and occasional pop flourish never let things get passive. Missed Opportunities, classic antifolk, chides the opportunism of the new folk revival. 52 Minutes comforts the doubt in the spiritual quest Seek and You Shall Find. Think Again recasts the Billy Bragg song of the same title from political to personal without losing any any urgency. (I Was) Quietly Playing Banjo (In the Park) sentiment and arrangement bite Kimya Dawson's Sorry Sometimes I'm Mean.

The Magic Trip
Directed by Alison Ellwood & Alex Gibney
History Channel Films, 2011 Read more »

2012 Q. & A. With Julie LaMendola


1. I know you go to Europe and sing in some production(s) sometimes.
Is that still going on and what is that all about?

I'm a performer for an experimental theater company called Nature Theater of Oklahoma. About 4 years ago they asked me to be a part of an epic experimental piece called Life and Times. I didn't know what I was getting into but I really liked the directors when I went to speak with them about the project. I sing dance and act in it which is dreamy, but the job is good for me because it pushes me artistically and physically. The people in the company have similar artistic heroes as me and it's challenging and good to use that as a springboard for the performances I do. And now the company includes Dan from Ching Ching and his husband Dany who does a lot of dancing with us so it's good to be around those guys even if we aren't doing our own show.
The show is 11 hours long when all episodes are performed together. We've done it once and we'll do in in a couple of weeks too. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, I sing for about 5 hours. It's really energizing. It turns out I really like doing things that I don't think are possible. Read more »

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