The Wild Wild West Smoking Gun Compilation - CD

Our good friend Anthony in Brighton has compiled an eclectic batch of his favorite antifolkers and the like. All the songs are loosly based around a cowboy theme. If only George Bush could listen up and get some tips about the softer side of the wild west. (2002)

1. Grandmaster Gareth-Midday Cowboy (a minute and a half melody) 2. The Class Act-Keepsake 3. Jeffry Lewis and Rachel Lipson- Lonsome Lullaby 4.Do Me Bad Things- That's My Demographic 5. Lesser Lewis - Desert 6. Oil Rig Catering - Johnny Guitar 7. Major Matt Mason USA- Star Belly 8. Prewar Yardsale- Outlaw 9. Wes West _Cowboy Without a Horse 10- Anders, Jeffery, Jack, Rachel, Wes, Anna- Clip Clop Hip Hop 11. Dufus-Martian Plaza Shopping Mall 12. Toby Goodshank- Cocaine Cowboy 13. Cork and Greg- Little Doggies 14. Jack and Brent- Concept of India 15. Lionshare- Fall, Dakota Harvest 16. Mr. Winchester's Cat- saddle Sore 17. Thomas Truax-Chicken Coop cooper 18. Turner cody- setting sun 19. Intricacy-(please don't lead me on my) Rodeo-wn