Pantsuit are Nan Turner (Schwervon!), Christine "Sharky" Murray (Bionic Finger), and Tina Harris (Danger! Giant Ranger). In 2003, Sharky asked Nan if she was going to start a band for her solo material. She said "If I did, would you be in it?" They had to talk quietly, as Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was about to start. It was their second time seeing it. They soon cornered Tina (Dr. Harris), who is also an anthropologist, into jamming with them at Tucasa, and the minute Tina finished hitting the drums and left the room, Nan said, "I like her". Sharky said, "Me too".

The gang of three began. Pantsuit, in its first year of existence, has moved from "Nan's solo project band" to more of a collaborative affair with instrument swapping and harmonies and keyboard soundscapes. They have released one cd, entitled The Path from the House to the Lawn. They share a love of brunch, roadtrips, and cats.