Schwervon! is a two piece rock band. Nan Turner (originally from Washington state) and Matt Roth (originally from Kansas) met at the Sidewalk Cafe in downtown Manhattan (NYC). At the time Nan was playing in all girl indie pop band Bionic Finger and Matt was performing as Antifolk acoustic troubadour Major Matt Mason USA. After a series of “Jam Dates” at the now defunct Context Studios a handful of tongue and cheek lofi indie rock sketches were formed based around such noteworthy topics as arguing couples on the street and making dinner together.

The music of Schwervon! grew to represent the celebration of imperfect love through jagged rock minimalism. They mix and record the bulk of their music in their apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where they live with their cat Gummo. They call it Olive Juice Music where they help produces music for other bands sometimes and operate an online indie music distribution hub.
Both of them continue to occasionally play and release music with other solo projects and collaborations: (Pantsuit, Kansas State Flower, Nan Turner, Major Matt Mason USA).