Olive Juice Music Sampler Vol. 1 - CDR

A slathering of previously released tracks by all you favorites. Just a little taste before you commit to the full meal!

01. Dinner-Schwervon! (Quick Frozen Small Yellow Cracker)
02. AU Base-Prewar Yardsale (Lowdown)
03. Duh-NLTL (For Heaven's Sake You)
04. Krooklyn-Major Matt Mason (Me Me Me)
05. Adored (live)-Randi Russo (Live at CBGB's 3113)
06. Willows-Derek Richmond (Willows EP)
07. Springtime-Schwervon (Quick Frozen Small Yellow Cracker)
08. Weird-Prewar Yardsale (Lowdown)
09. 98%-NLTL (For Heaven's Sake You)
10. Plutonium-Major Matt Mason USA (Me Me Me)
11. Tenafly (live)-Randi Russo (Live at CBGB's 3113)
12. High Enough- Derek Richmond (Willows EP)