Bryan and the Aardvarks CD is Now Out


My good friend Bryan has just released a CD of original compositions by himself, recorded with the help of his very talented and hardworking peers and friends, The Aardvarks.
Maybe, but I like to think of it as music. Real music. Beautiful music.
Unrushed, unpretentious, from-the-heart music.
Congratulations Bryan, Fabian, Joe, and Chris.


Great guys, great music

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One of my favorite acts to work sound for. I still listen to them, because I totally bootlegged one of their performances from SW. My mom, who is a total jazz snob, liked it a lot too. I know they had been working on it for awhile, so congrats to you guys on releasing what I am sure is a fantastic record.

You should know what Sibel Edmonds knows.

what a talented bunch of guys

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what a talented bunch of guys

is an awesome album!

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is an awesome album!