My Experience at the Protest


The protest was set for 11am-1pm.
I was a bit sick but figured if I had to I could call out of work the next day.
I got there around 1030am.
The stage was set up and there were a few folks with signs here and there.
Close to 11am I saw Chris Hedges talking to a person who had a cameraperson with them.
I decided to go over and listen to what he was saying, since I am a huge Hedges fan and I don't get many opportunities to hear him live and in person (never before have I).
By the time I got over by him they were done and he was alone.
I introduced myself and we had a brief conversation.
He's really nice and has a strong presence. Very grounded.
Piles of people began to show up.
I saw the Trachtenbergs.
Gary Null showed up and said he was going to film for WBAI or something like that.
A few solo folks sang and played and Gary Null gave a short firey speach.
A good rap band, Junkyard Empire performed and a few others spoke and then Chris Hedges spoke.
His speach was really what I most was looking forward to and it did not dissapoint.
I really liked the part about how there was a place in Dante's Inferno for all the people that had never really hurt anyone, but never really took risks or helped anyone.
I thought maybe I was one of those people.
Very moving speach which centered around a theme that is common with him lately, which is that we can't count on the gov't or businesses to ever help us. Only in civil disobedience do we have a chance and if it does not work we will have at least saved our own souls.
More rap and then everyone was led across the street to Bank of America.
I went, but was not holding a sign and did not get in the official line.
All the picketers began marching back and forth in front of the bank saying stuff like "We pay taxes, why don't you?"
After about ten minutes someone opened one of the bank doors and then picketers started filing into the lobby.
Soon after a cop car showed up and a bank guy in a suit came out looking surprisingly worried.
It was pretty funny seeing him all upset and a bit shaken.
I decided to go inside too.
The group was loud and taking up most of the lobby.
A few cops were there not doing anything.
Finally I went up to one cop and said, 'What's the law here? Is this private property?" He said that it was and as soon as some others arrived everyone inside would be arrested.
I stayed put wondering if I was into staying and maybe being arrested.
After a few minutes I went outside where some other picketers (and Chris Hedges) was.
Soon after that everyone came outside and soon after that everyone headed back across the street.
That's when I left.


Thanks for sharing that.

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Do you know if anyone got arrested?

"Here to do great things."

I'm almost positive that no one got arrested.

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