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So Dashan and I were on the train going to brooklyn and he was interviewing me for O.J.'s new zine Elephant Shoe which was good because if I was being interviewed I felt I wouldn't have to do anything for it so i could be lazy. So Dashan gives me these index cards with questions on them and I'm supposed to write the answers on the index cards so this is really a lazy interview. So I start answering the questions and I'm almost done when I got a bright idea to make the interview more Prewar and only use one word answers. Needless to say I didn't finish the questions so I said I'd finish the questions on the way back. Needless to say I completely forgot about the questions till the next day. So anyway I told Dashan I'd bring them to him so he could bring the interview to Selena. Elephant Shoe went to print before Dashan got to Selena, he was up against a fast approaching deadline and my deliberations caused him to miss the deadline. So as a public service this is the Secret Salamander interviewing Prewar Yardsale Interview:
SS: What is a blog and when was the last time you saw one?
PY: At Home He's a Tourist, today.

SS: What do you think is the worst thing in the world?
PY: being mean, being mean, means being mean

SS: What was the best time you ha outside the USA?
PY: 50 uhr

SS: How many police academy movies have you seen?
PY: AU Base

SS: Do you have a favorite cheese?
PY: Wymeswold

SS: Have you ever fallen asleep on the train?
PY: Elevated Platform Stand

SS: Do you dream in colors?
PY: I dream of teeth

SS: What is Churchill Downs?
PY: Racetrack

SS: Who is avante garde? Have you seen him lately?
PY: Cornhole Connection, 2010.

SS: Do you remember what kind of music your parents listened to when you were five years old?
PY: Antifolk

SS: Do you like live shows or albums better?
PY: Live in Berlin - Prewar Yardsale

SS: What is the most delicious animal?
PY: Secret Salamander

SS: Is Hank Williams the best country singer ever to live?
PY: No

SS: If not, who is?
PY: John Kessel

SS: Do you remember meeting Major Matt Mason?
PY: Coffee Grind

SS: Did your parents listen to much country music when you were growing up?
PY: American, Phil Ochs

SS: How much do you need trees?
PY: Elephant Shoe

SS: What was the first song you ever played that you didn't write?
PY: Krooklyn

SS: Who was the best President of the USA?
PY: The Best

SS: what about Russia?
PY:The Best

SS: What would you spend the most money on if you were a millionaire?
PY: Whoever wasn't

SS: Psychadelic or Country?
PY: Cosmic Cowboy

SS: When was the last time you saw Major Matt Mason? What was he doing at the time?
PY: 2011, woodsheding

SS: What was the first job you took?
PY: Prewar Yardsale

SS: Is it more likely that ghosts or aliens exist?
PY: Mars Chronicles

SS: What was the first music purchase you ever made with your own money?
PY: Contender

SS: When was the last time you used a # 2 pencil?
PY: now

SS: How many gods do you think exist?
PY: one for each person

SS: What is the most cliche?
PY: Above

So Dashan was over for New Years and it was funny because he was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt. Everyone had been at the party talking about Star Wars. I love those movies, I think there was a marathon on for the New Year. Maybe he had been watching it or maybe Suz heard us talking about it, went into the kitchen, called Dashan and told him to wear his Star Wars T-shirt so he could be the life of my party. Dashan has that covered so well I would not doubt it. Dashan gave me a copy of his new CDR Conflabulation.

Secret Salamander- Conflabulation
Ranging from songs that sound like they could be out takes from the alternate sessions Matt Mason recorded at O.J. studio, to V.U., to stoned psychadelia, and antifolk shamble twee. Standout tracks include Let's make a toast, Kotten Kandy Kisses, 40 oz. of urine on my windowsill, Justine, and You haven't already. However its really no understatement to say how amazing this is, you have to hear it.

The artwork for for the CD is a netflix envelop. So I listen to the CDR a few times and then I put it back in the netflix envelop and leave it on the coffee table. So being that it's New Years Day we have a year of unopened mail on the coffee table so as a resolution we decide to go through our years mail. So I'm bleary and delirious from about 10 minutes of mail sorting so I see Dashan's Secret Salamander CDR in the netflix envelop and I put it in the pile of envelops to drop in the mailbox. I forgot we still belonged to netflix and it's funny because the last DVD they sent us was a Bob Dylan documentary that was broken so it was time we sent it back to get the next movie in our que. Could you believe they sent us a broken DVD, I mean I've seen DVD's in the trash, the gutter, art installations and they can be all messed up, scratched, and filthy, but I've never actually seen a broken DVD. Maybe the netflix envelop stuffer or the postman hates Bob Dylan or that particular documentary. So I send the netfilx envelop back to netflix and wait for our next DVD. So the next day I decide to listen to Conflabulation but when I find the netflix envelop it has the broken Bob Dylan documentary in it so I'm like Whoops I sent the Secret Salamander CDR back to netflix. So I run straight out to the mailbox and throw the broken Bob Dylan documentary inato the mailbox. So then I ran back home and logged onto netflix and changed my que so that Secret Salamander Conflabulation was on the top of the list. So for the next week or so I waited for the mailman on my stoop to check the netflix envelop before she got a chance to break my CDR like before because she hates Bob Dylan documentaries, in her defense though who doesn't? Anyway she got the message, she handed me my netflix envelop a few days later and my Secret Salamander CDR was back.


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