Good for you man.

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Sounds like at the very least it was making you think. I consider that a successful outing. I was thinking if the thing goes on long enough it might be cool to set up some kind of mini open mic/soap box thing with the arts and crafts committee. Just a thought. Also thinking it might be cool to have our own little OJ General Assemblies on a somewhat regular basis.

"Here to do great things."

I'm Barry.

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Are you typing about OJ possibly going back to being a collective in at least some ways?
The art commitee was open to suggestions and I considered speaking to them about some performing (like Jeffrey Lewis already mentioned) but I stayed more outside than that.

I am open to playing and going back to see others play.
I also will have a good deal of free time from Wedn.-Sunday.

I fear that if OJ was a

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I fear that if OJ was a collective again it would disintegrate. But then again it's seems to be on the verge most of the time anyway. Our biggest problem was always funding. But I'd be up for the idea if anyone was willing to help me facilitate.

"Here to do great things."