Mass protestror arrest on Brooklyn Bridge yesterday


700 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday. I wasn't there. If you were there please feel free to comment or blog about your experience right here. The more first hand accounts we get about this movement the more people can begin to unpack and realize its purpose. I've discovered that news commentary that includes police accounts of events are occasionally skewed to influence public opinion negatively. We've seen this with statements made about the protest by Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC police department.


I am going to post inthe other section as well.

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I was on the car side of the bridge.
Cops said I could leave.
I left.

I realized today that I was not really into going on the car side.
I would not have done that by myself.
I did it for the wrong reasons--and I felt I'd get away with it because I was in a crowd.
I believe if I had been on the walkway--where I would have gone alone--as part of the protest and had still been in danger of being arrested I would have refused to leave.

I got a bit mindless with this whole thing.

That's why they call it "mob

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That's why they call it "mob mentality." You're human. I'm glad you are okay. I don't think this is a mindless movement but when large groups of people congregate these kinds of things are bound to happen. We should throw the baby out with the bath water.

"Here to do great things."