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Stop fixing tickets and cover the Occupy Wall Street Police O.T.
A recent New York Times article reports about a 3 year criminal investigation that has resulted in the the indictment of 16 NY police officers for ticket fixing. In the article Bronx DA, Robert T. Johnson, is quoted as saying "'the tickets fixed had robbed the city of $1 million to $2 million.'"

When I read the $1 to $2million dollar figure in lost revenue to the city statement it rang a bell. Just three weeks earlier NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly released a statement saying that Occupy Wall Street movement had cost the city nearly $2 million dollars in police over time.

So, this got me to thinking. Maybe if Ray Kelly spent more time making sure the NYPD was enforcing the laws equally for all people regardless of their relation or personal affiliation with the NYPD then the he wouldn't feel the need to politicize what he pays his officers for doing their job? I've been to Liberty Park several times as well as marched in one of the many scheduled protested. I found the excessive amount of police presence totally unnecessary considering the tone of the crowd. At the last march I attended the rows of cops, dangling their batches of zip tie handcuffs and un holstered night sticks, felt more likely to incite adversarial behavior than to prevent it.



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If I pay two bodyguards $100 each to come to Sidewalk Cafe with me that's my stupid decision, not Sidewalk's.

It sort of stops feeling like

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It sort of stops feeling like a police force here to serve and protect the city and more like Bloomberg's private Pinkertons.

"Here to do great things."