For some time now Regensburg, one of the most beautiful remaining historical cities in Bavaria has done a relatively bad job of hiding its secret as a Germany’s „Montreal“. Band members per population surely must be hitting Icelandic proportions, and from the collective comes Containerhead - an 8 piece instrumental „post rock“ band (e.g. Tortoise) with two bassists (e.g. Neds Atomic Dustbin), who sound anything but a side project. They follow in the musical footsteps of Explostion in the sky, Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Logh. Guitars, trumpets, distorted lapsteels solos, intertwining bass melodies, glockenspiels all play hide and seek with each other in songs that must have been recorded live.
When I first saw them, my main impression was that of seven people who had got really fucked off pop music and wanted to just make music and noise. It groved and flowed and rocked. And yet for all their endeavours, they just couldn‘t shake off their tenderness and charm.