Posting a Blog

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Once you've created your own Olive Juice Music Account you will be granted a number of privileges related to the website while you are signed in. This includes access to the OJ "Open Blog." What's this blog stuff all about you may ask? Well, Wikapedia defines a blog as a place on a website for "regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video...on a particular subject." We already provide a discussion Forum for online exchanges about various topics of the day.

The Blog is a chance for us to showcase the broader talents of our community members and to offer a place for them to express themselves in a longer written, picture, video, or mp3 format. A blog could be a review of a record, live music or art show, an interview with a friend or artist you respect, some news about an up and coming release or an article about a subject you feel strongly about, maybe your wanna write about a trip you took or something about your local or larger community, perhaps there's a political issue you wish to bring some light to, even a short piece of fiction, a poem, or your favorite recipe. Maybe you took some cool pictures or have some freshly scanned artwork you wanna share. You can post a video or an mp3 of your latest recording (just cut and past the embed code into the body of your blog post). It's up to you.

To submit a blog just create an account, sign in and click on the Blog entry link under the "Post Content" column on the left (just below the OJ website search engine). You will be required to submit at least one picture with your blog submission. (But we encourage you to accompany your blog posting with as many links and pics as possible.) If approved, blog posts will appear on the homepage. Thanks for taking part.

The opinions expressed on the Olive Juice Music blog and forum are public domain and do not necessarily express the views and opinions of Olive Juice Music.