How awesome is Jon Bon Jovi?

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I've never been a huge Bon Jovi fan outside of the hits, which are all really solid, the 80s and 90s especially. But he's always seemed like a really nice guy in general and thnks to a FB friend's post, I've learned something new about him:

A pay-what-you want soul food restaurant. Minimum "what you want" is $10 a plate, but the food looks pretty great and if you can't afford $10, they have volunteer slots where you can work in the community kitchen. The website goes way more in depth. I've posted a bit below.

Go a google search for "jon bon jovi speech" and you get all sorts of videos where he's participating in community boards, homeless housing projects, etc.

Which probably won't make some people like Jon Bon Jovi's music, but should at the very least help eliminate the ironic snickers that "You Give Love A Bad Name" elicits. That dude rocks in more ways than one.
At Soul Kitchen, neighbors from across the street or across town, new friends, families, those in need of help and those with help to offer, come together and share a good meal and the warmth of good company.

Friendship is our daily special.

Introduce yourself to the person seated beside you or across the table. Stay awhile and stay informed of all the ways Soul Kitchen is dedicated to eliminating hunger, building relationships, and celebrating community.

End the meal with a slice of happiness.

At Soul Kitchen the main ingredient is Love, with a large helping of you. Our chefs prepare our healthy, delicious meals with the freshest ingredients, some grown in our own organic garden. At the JBJ Soul Kitchen all are treated with cheerfulness, kindness, and respect.

What is the JBJ Soul Kitchen?

The Soul Kitchen is a Community Restaurant, a non-profit community program run by the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.

What is a community restaurant?

A Community Restaurant is a place where individuals or families can come to eat a hot, nutritious meal in a warm, welcoming setting and meet their neighbors.

Do I pay for my meal?

Times are tough and we understand. If you are unable to pay for your meal, you can volunteer at the Soul Kitchen as your payment.

What would I have to do?

You could come and prepare food for a meal. You could come and help us set the tables with dishes. Maybe along the way you were a waitress or waiter, you could help out at the restaurant by serving others. We need people to bus tables and help clean or stock items. We need people to wash and dry dishes. There are lots of opportunities to help.

What kind of food is served?

Soul Kitchen serves a 3-course meal based on American Regional cuisine, starting with your choice of salad or soup, followed by a choice of a fish dish, a meat dish or a vegetarian selection. The meal is finished with a fresh baked dessert. All of the dishes are made with fresh, local (and when possible) organic ingredients.