The Wigg Report

The Wigg Report are Christine Fantini, Stephen Mullaney and Ben Riseling. Armed with a guitar, the remains of a drum set and a saxophone The Wigg Report has been setting up on street corners, in clubs and anywhere that lets them play. Their guerrilla approach to playing has started to earn them recognition in their small town of Durham, North Carolina. Started as a side project, The Wigg Report has become the main focus for Fantini and Mullaney. They constantly practice and record in the tiny laundry room of their house in Durham. This is where their first self-titled release was spawned and also where their once-neighbor, Ben Riseling, must have heard them and started stalking them. This unavoidable collaboration has led not only to innovative uses of laundry equipment as acoustic devices but also to their first full length album, Seltzer.