Goteberg, Malmo, Oslo (Tour Daily 2010)


Goteberg, Malmo, Oslo (Tour Daily 2010)

9 September 2010 by lvov4bloogs | Edit

I took 2 Tylenol PM before boarding our flight to Oslo., which allowed me to sleep for most of the 7 hour flight. We landed in Oslo.
At the passport control we were a little nervous about saying we were playing shows even though we felt it is usually not a problem in Scandinavia. We went through separately. My customs officer asked if I was playing shows. I nervously said yes, in Sweden and then in Russia. “Oh” she said “that’s a big trip” “yeah I said and France and Italy” “That’s a lot of travel” she said
“Yes it is I said”
She smiled and stamped my passport.
The same happened with Jeff.
We rented a car. I felt pretty rested. We got a stick shift and tried practicing in the parking lot. I was having some trouble finding the sweet spot and the engine started smoking. Jeff drove it a round a little bit and it seemed okay, but then we had to go up a hill to exit and he kept stalling out. Quite stressful as we inched up the hill one stall out at a time.

Then we got a message from Dave who was meeting us at the show in Goteborg that his flight was canceled. He’d miss tonight’s show and meet us the next day in Malmo.
We decided to pay extra for an automatic.
I started driving the first leg to Goteborg and immediately felt very tired. I don’t know if it was the Tylenol PM or if I was just tired but I soon asked Jeff to drive. I fell asleep. And soon after he decided to pull over at a gas station and we both slept a few hours. We woke up and I drove us the rest of the way to Goteberg. we drove through what looked like some lovely Swedish lake country.
At the Sweedish boarder we were stopped at customs and asked what we were doing. Nervously we said playing shows. Again the customs woman was nice. She gave me a breathalizer (it was Noon) and sent us on our way.
We arrived at the venue safely and here I am sitting at the merch table typing this.

Now it’s the next day. We’re in Malmo.

We played last night with and American band MV and EE who went to Suny Purchase with Jeff, butneither knew the other. They are friends with a lot of the same Purchase/My Kisco/Exile on Main street crowd.
Also a surprise: Jens Leckmen is “DJing” at the show. We saw him at Jeff’s show in Melbourne (he lives there full time) He was spending his summer in Goteberg to try and work on some new songs.
He played some fun songs off his laptop before the show and in between the sets.

Today we successfully met up with drummer Dave and are now getting ready to play.

That’s it.