Stockholm Something (Tour Daily 3)


Long drive to Stockholm from Copenhagen, listening to the Moth, This American Life and finally as we arrive the amazing “Private Press” band The Dandelines. “We’re the children of Sunshine, we come from god the father, we come on down from heaven, to seek our looooove”
Sung by a group of what sound like three 10 year old girls.
(“Private Press” is the newest “inside-tour-joke.”)
During the drive I spot a moose in a field. “Moose! Moose!” I yell. Waking up Jeff in the back who gets to see it as does Dave, who pops his moose-seeing-cherry (he’d never seen one before)

Stockholm is beautiful, but of course we have no time to see any of it. There’s a marathon happening. We’re playing another Debasser club, like we did in Malmo but this one is very stinky. But the food they serve is a lot better. Back in Debasser in Malmo we were served a classic Swedish dish, “The Sandwitch cake” Look it up online. Smörgåstårta. “Like a very big multi-layer sandwich. Comes with many different fillings and toppings” it was not for us.

But here in Stockholm we get some nice pasta with cream sauce and salad, hurray for salad on tour. My old friend Camilla comes to the show, I haven’t seen here in maybe 3 or 4 years.
We do a brief catch up, but it’s so loud in the club it’s hard to have a proper conversation.
Am I getting too old for loud clubs, or am I just to tired to yell over a sound system and strain my ears to hear what people are saying. I say ‘”what?” “what”? a lot.
Dave and Jeff think the show was mediocre and the same for Copenhagen. I suppose both shows had their good and bad points. I play sloppy sometimes and sometimes I play well enough. Both shows I was pretty nervous on stage, my anxiety creeps in even though I can hide it well enough during some of the rock songs and jump around. I can perfectly understand how a lot of touring musicians get really drunk before getting on stage. It’s too bad I don’t quite know how to do that.
They only give us beer backstage which I’d need to drink 2-4 of if I wanted to be drunk on stage. I don’t want to drink 2-4 beers.

After the show we discover the club has booked us a lovely hotel. We arrive and there’s a some sort of big party going on in the street. Or maybe this is a typical Saturday night in Stockholm. Lots of drunk people, cops and trash. We go to a kebab shop and eat fried eggplant sandwiches. After my first one I order a second to fill the void. ug, too much.
I eat half and we head back to go to sleep.