Major Matt asks Angela Carlucci (Baby Skins, Double Deuce, Little Cobweb) 5 questions (#7)


1. How did we meet?
We met at the Sidewalk Cafe, of course! I think it was in 2001. I had been listening to "Me Me Me" way before I even met you. Toby (my brother) gave it to me because he thought I would like it. And I did! I didn't really know anyone when I first moved to New York, and being very shy, it took me a long time to make friends that I felt like I could hang out with. So everyday after work at The Museum of Natural History, I used to just walk around the city until I either started to get hungry, or until I tired myself out. I remember listening to that album on a lot on my epic three-hour walks! Now when I revisit that album, it brings back lots of good memories! Walking and observing is still one of my favorite things to do here

2. 3 things that make you happy?
a.) To give love and to be loved in return. So, sharing love!
b.) Making the people that I care about laugh.
c.) Either dancing so hard that I sweat, or slow dancing in my apartment.

3. 3 things that make you sad?
a.) Death. It's so lonely and so quiet and so deeply sad. I'm thinking of all aspects of it, really. I'm not thinking of my own death when I say this. I don't really ever think of that for some reason. Once and a while I do, but only because I don't want to make the people I care about sad when I die. The thought of that is so painful to me.
b.) Mistreatment. The mistreatment of our environment, of children, of animals, of people that are homosexual, and of women.
c.) Seeing people cry. It usually breaks my heart. Especially if it happens to be someone I care about and I can't figure out a way to help them. Lately I feel like I have some kind of extra special radar that tells me when someone on the subway is crying! This new kind of radar is just awful! I can't help but imagine what is upsetting them, and it's never fun to see someone embarrassed or someone who is trying to hide their tears.

4. What is your favorite color?
I love all shades of blue! From light to dark, bright to muted. I suppose I favor the lighter, more muted shades. Green comes in at a close second!

5. 3 people who inspire you?
a.) Toby! He is the most generous, genuinely kind, and compassionate person I have ever met. His personality, his art, and his music have always been so inspiring to me. I always tried to be just like him, from the time when we were kids. Everything he does is so cool (it sounds silly, but it's true!), and he gives the best, most level-headed advice. I feel like I can tell him anything and it would be kept in confidence and treated with the utmost sincerity and thoughtfulness.
b.) David and Neman from the band Herman Dune. I have never met two people more appreciative of their success. They never take anything that has been given to them (or that they have earned) for granted, they work very hard at what they do, and they manage their stress so well on tour. Anyone who has ever been on tour knows how stressful it can be at times- and I have never seen either of them in a bad mood! How is that possible, right?! They are simply so mature and know how to handle their emotions. And they are always up for a laugh or a prank! Hiding weird objects in beds happens to be one of my favorite tour pranks.
c.) My Grandma. Some of you may know her as "Little Grandma!" She has had a lot of difficult experiences in her life, and she has not let any of it get her down. She is such a strong, hard working, loving person. She is a wonderful female role model for me.