At Home He's a Tourist


I was in the Bronx on White Plains Road. I wanted to visit some of the record stores on White Plains Road. A few weeks ago I had bought Social Class Volume 2, Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown at Moodies and I was in search of Social Class Volume 3. I had thought I'd seen it in a store up the road, but I knew that it could now be a health food store. The last time I had been there it had been half record store half renovation. Now it was half heath food store half renovation. I walked up the road some more to Moodies to double check if it was there, it was not. I walked up the road some more and went to Millennium. I like Millennium, it has many varieties of used records so it's always interesting to browse. I ended up choosing Joy and The Isaac Hayes Movement. I bought Hot Buttered Soul on the street in Soho a few years back after reading a Chuck Eddy book. He considered it an important record and included it in the discography. The book is great, it connects music from all different pop styles through lyric similarity. Different and fun. Millennium had run out of shopping bags so my records were rubber banded together. I hope it doesn't rain. You know how being on the road in the rain can be. I walked down the road and got the 2. Off the road and on the train. I read Mojo, Dylan cover, till 125th.

Joy- Isaac Hayes mix tape
Joy, A Man will be a Man, The Feeling Keeps on Coming, I'm gonna make it (without you), One Big Unhappy Family, I Just Don't Know What to do with Myself, Walk on By, Hyperbolicsyllabicesquedalymistic, One Woman, Joy

I love the songs, the music, and the singing. I don't really like the songs with a lot of talking so I left those off the mix.

I often need to get a late afternoon coffee for a pick me up. On White Plains Road coffee in the late afternoon is not a priority. Today I went into a bakery, except there were no cakes, no coffee, just lunch and dinner food. I got a Vitamin Water and went to the cashier. I waited 10 minutes to get rung up so I left. I realized later the cashier thought I ordered food and was waiting until the food was ready to ring me up. I really wanted a coffee anyway so that was actually good. I thought about Dunkin' Donuts but that's a ways down the road and would be a hike. I decided to try the deli. By the late afternoon sometimes they're out of coffee but today I was in luck. There was about a quarter pot left. I waited patiently and panicking behind a deliberate coffee maker hoping he didn't make two larges and empty the pot. I was in luck again, the deliberate coffee maker was finished, and there was coffee left. He turned and told me there were no lids left, and then deliberate coffee maker made his way to the cashier. I said "no problem", and looked at the ceiling. I made a coffee in seconds, passed deliberate to the register, paid and got on my way. Worth the wait. I really needed that coffee but I think deliberate coffee maker/deliberate to the register needed it more. Not really though, I really needed that coffee and it really picked me up. Like Dina always says "Coffee is the best invention ever"