Major Matt asks Dan Costello 5 questions (#12)


1. How did we originally meet?
I think we were at Sidewalk Cafe. I had heard your music because I was working there and I found a copy of "Me Me Me" in the back and borrowed it for a few days. I really liked it and then I think I did sound for an OJ night. I certainly feel like I knew of you for a while before we actually met.

2. 3 things that make you happy?
The realization of an ambitious project involving my friends. I'm thinking most recently of Brian Speaker's The Mars Chronicles or Art Sorority For Girls' new album. Both completely mind-blowing albums.

A perspective different than mine, well-articulated.

Deciding what combination of vegetables to put in a pan of risotto. This week it was shitake mushrooms and slivered carrots.

3. 3 things that make you sad?
Adults screaming at or angrily reprimanding children, especially telling them "shut up" or "you ruined it". C'mon, it's a sweater that got chocolate on it. Lighten up
(and stop buying designer sweaters for your toddler.)

The unnecessarily poor quality of our food supply in America. We must get back to knowing (and caring) where our food comes from. Otherwise we're going to keep getting sicker. We could hold leaders accountable for actual food regulation - not "food regulation," which simply determines what new rules will profit the leading private interests. I travelled through Memphis and couldn't find a loaf of bread within walking distance of Beale St. Or we could work outside the profit circle, and grow and prepare food for our own communities, the way it's been done successfully for thousands of years.

The memory of being a person who would say / do the popular thing or the thing I felt would make me fit in, instead of what I actually thought / wanted. Kids should get a medal for making it to 20.

4. What is your favorite color?
Either the blue over Lake Michigan or that Late-March spring green.

5. 3 people who inspire you?
Pete Seeger. He's 91. I wrote him a letter and he wrote back. Pete refused to answer any questions by the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1955 by stating, "I simply feel it is improper for this committee to ask such questions".

My three year-old nephew Asher. He discovers faster than Edison and is always having fun. Last year he invented the ocean…it was an incredible day.

Dan Fishback. I am consistently inspired by his work and brain and overall sassy nerd-chic.