At Home He's a Tourist


I was reading Rolling Stone Magazines 500 Greatest Songs Special Issue. It's funny how when you think about music magazines it always comes back to Rolling Stone. I was going to Thomas Patrick Maguire's CD release party at Brooklyn Tea Party. I love the Tea Party, it's DIY and has a roof with a great view of Manhattan. I took the A down to 14th to get the L. I was on the L and the train was going really slow. A baby started crying and people started getting annoyed. Of course the train came to a complete stop between First and Bedford. The baby of course started crying louder and I hate to say it but of course some people started yelling at the parents to get the kid to stop crying. One woman even accused the parents of mistreating their kid. I think the mom said the kids ears popped or had an ear infection or something, but the kid was hardly being mistreated. I couldn't believe so many people were angry, I mean were weren't at concert or movie or anything. So the train started and the family with the crying baby got off at Lorimer or Graham. It was funny because after the family with the crying baby got off the train the whole car was still talking about it. People were explaining to each other their reactions and actions, etc.... The crying baby had actually brought the whole car together.

I went to Jefferson and walked down Stockholm Street to Tea Party. I bought TPM's new 7 inch. I bought the olive vinyl version. Last week at Sidewalk Dina had bought the green vinyl version. I like the novelty of having two of the same 7 inches, but in different color vinyl. And they both sound equally amazing. Corporation Town is a sad but true commentary on the state of affairs in New York, while the B side Divorce man is a sad but true commentary on the state of affairs in marriage. Phoebe Blue had opened the show, I had never seen her before and she was classic antifolk, 1983, 1993, 2003, 2013, any year, classic antifolk. I loved it. Joanna played some mellow songs on acoustic guitar and it was intimate. I had never seen her acoustic so it was a pleasant new experience. TPM played next and it was fantastic, Thomas writes insightful songs and is a really powerful performer. I've seen him perform a couple of times lately, once at Sidewalk and once on a roof and he is always commanding. Two of my friends were sharing a coconut juice and I was thirsty so i asked if I could have some. They said no because they didn't have that much left and you can't buy that brand in the Tea Party neighborhood. I felt rejected but then they sat down and talked with me so I felt accepted. I was so lucky because Joanna gave me a ride back to Manhattan. I was actually double lucky cause later I found out the L was taken out of service that night ( too many crying kids) and I have no idea how I would have gotten home. So we're in the car and Joanna started playing her ipod and I got a sense of deja vu. I asked Joanna what the music was, and she said she had downloaded Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs onto her ipod. So on the way home we listened to the Rolling Stones 500 greatest songs and I read to everyone from my Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs Special Issue the chart position, weeks on chart, release date, etc...etc...etc... It's funny how when you think about music magazines it always comes back to Rolling Stone.