At Home He's a Tourist


So Dina and I are starting to get busy on the Prewar front. Things have been quiet for us for awhile. That extra time was actually good. We're coming off two disaster shows for us, Huggabroomstock and Virgo show, I felt really bad because people have the thought to ask us to perform, at least we could put together something reasonably interesting and entertaining. On New Years Day Bernard was over and he asked us to play at a rock show he's putting on at Sidewalk. It sounds like a great night and it will be a real rock show, Prewar, Randi, Huggabroomstick and The Cruel Shoes. I haven't seen them play yet but Bernard played me a bunch of their you-tube videos. I thought they were great, they have a New York rock Television sound and the lead guitarist is great. It should be great, Matt is going to play lead guitar for Prewar that night, we jammed recently and it sounded really good so it's really cool that he's gonna play. Brian asked us to play at BTP so that's amazing, BTP is one of the best spaces in N.Y.C. He asked us who we wanted to play with so we said Mars Chronicles and Huggabroomstik of course. I saw the full production of Mars Chronicles last year at Sidewalk and it was amazing. There were costumes, a story-line, and a full band. It was really different from a lot of stuff on the antifolk scene so it was a real breath of fresh air. Unfortunately Mars Chronicle and Huggabroomstk aren't going to play but I know Brian will put together a great night. We'll try to get Dashan and Matt to jam with us for that for that show, that would be over the top amazing. David asked us to play a Sleater-Kinney cover show for Boog City. Bands are going to cover the songs from Dig Me Out and All Hands on the Bad One. Sleater-Kinney are so influential. It's easy to forget though, because their sound is so much a part of the current music sound that sometimes you take it for granted, so it's good David is putting on the show. I met Carrie Brownstein in Soho, she was really nice, I had seen Sleater-Kinney the night before so I asked her to sign my ticket stub and she did, she wrote thanks for listening love,Carrie, and she even drew a picture of hearts. Simon and I went to Siren Festival and we couldn't believe it but we were on the boardwalk and Sleater-Kinney walked by. It was unbelievable but we were the only people who noticed. Simon was doing a zine so he wanted to ask them some questions and take their picture. We started to follow them but I felt like we were stalking them them so I went up to them and said Hello. Carrie said she remembered me from Soho and Simon got some answers and the pictures for his zine so it was cool. It's funny because I read an article in Naked Ço-Ed Sex called Stalking Sleater Kinney in Olympia, and it was really, really funny because Sleater-Kinney weren't in Olympia at the time, so the writer who knew they weren't wandered around Olympia going to places he thought Sleater-Kinney might go. Simon and I also went to The New School to watch Griel Marcus present a post S-K Carrie as a cultural critic. I can't understand why Griel Marcus is considered so great, no offense but why is he so mean spirited to Michael Bloomfield in Like a Rolling Stone. He's so wrong, Michael Bloomfield made that record and Newport so much better, and much more essential. Çarrie gave a great presentation on Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere and the Raiders. He opened a family style theme restaurant in Portland like a Mark Lindsay Hardrock Cafe with his costumes and Gold records on the wall and a Mark Lindsay soundtrack over the loudspeakers. He even has a DJ booth in the restaurant where he spins Mark Lindsay music. We asked David if we could play the last 3 songs on All Hands even though Leave you Behind is the best song on the record.