At Home He's a Tourist


Since I don't go out as much as I used to, sometimes on a night in I will entertain myself by going on the internet and mail ordering some records. I do mailorder from Olivejuice, I like ordering from Olivejuice because even though I own tons of antifolk records Matt and Nan always have cool new things in the distro and stuff I forgot to buy because I was so spaced out I forgot to stop at the merch table. Like right now in my cart is the new Dufus LP, Seth gave Dina a CD but it will be so great to listen to Dufus on LP, I can't wait to hear it. I've listened to the CD and it is seriously great, s I know how great the songs are, but it will be fun to spin it on my record player. Also in my cart is the new Paradise by the Dashboard Light 7". Justin put it out and I haven't heard it yet but with the line up of Elastic No No Band, Huggabroomstik, Schwervon!, and The Leader covering Meatloaf songs you know it's gonna be a yummy platter. I like to buy t-shirts online mailorder but a lot of labels don't cary XXL T-shirts, I mean I understand, fat people are cool but they're not exactly who you want wearing your shirts around representing/promoting your bands. About a month ago I ordered from Kill Rock Stars. One of my recored collecting ideas is when I buy a compilation I then buy releases from the artists on that compilation. I had the Kill Rock Stars comp so I ordered Rock Stars Kill and Stars Kill Rock and Peechees DO the Math LP. The bands are so good and there are a lot of overlapping styles and ideas so it reminds me a lot of the antifolk scene. I ordered the Slice of Lemon Comp Double LP as well because the vinyl stock of KRS is almost gone and you don't know how long they'll be in stock. I remember their snailmail newsletter said you asked for vinyl, so you should actually buy it or we will stop printing it, so I think they stopped printing it, the newsletter and the vinyl. Once I saw The Bangs open for Bionic Finger at Brownies so I ordered a Free Kitten LP and a Bangs EP. KRS sent me two Free Kitten LPs, and two 7 inches I didn't order. I would say that's so Free Kitten, except the 7 inches were free. Slice of Lemon has some radio broadcasts of Roger Manning and Cindy Lee Berryhill. I saw Cindy Lee Berryhill play once and it was perfect. It was like The Jesus and Mary Chain acoustic set at the Royal Albert Hall. I wish I had more of her records. I've seen Roger Manning a bunch of times although I don't see him around N.Y. much anymore. That's too bad because his shows are always great and when you see him play you think "That's the real deal" and even though it's a cliche it's true and it makes you feel special as a listener. I have Roger Manning's SST LP. I love that record. As is often the case on a Roger Manning record all the songs are named after blues, Pearly Blues,Lefty Rhetoric Blues, and # 14 Blues, etc, etc, etc... This record is actually not as bluesy as the titles lead on, Manning is partial to ballad and country blues hybrids and sometimes sing out folk music in The Mountain Goats style that they really stole from him. SST still does mailorder but their catalog is pretty thin. The pitcher broke, the milk spilt on the floor and it went under the bridge so stop crying, sign some papers, and let us order some Meat Puppets, Sonic Youth, Kirk Kelly, Das Daman, DC 3 etc, etc, etc records. I love Black Flag, I ordered Damaged, I Can See You, and In My Head. I got a sampler of some new SST records for free when I ordered.