OJ Show of the Week: March 22nd at The Cake Shop: My Little Poney, Schwervon!, Kung Fu Crimewave


Time: Tue, 03/22/2011
Location: The Cake Shop

9:00 Kung Fu Crimewave
“Kung Fu” Luke Kelly assembled Kung Fu Crime Wave in 2006 after dismantling the Mondays, the band he formed when he was fourteen. KFCWnow contains three fourths of the Brooklyn Kelly family.Preston Spurlock and Deenah Vollmer were added to fill out the band. Matthew Roth of Schwervon! described the band as,“Playful apocalyptic rock that’s kind of psychedelic with a healthy dose of moody.” Using wit, aptitude, virility, and crescendo, Kung Fu Crime Wave plays anthem ballads that tell a story, be it about how a merry-go-round was built on a burial ground, robot warfare, monster combat, or the anxieties of growing up.

10:00 Schwervon!
Schwervon! is a two piece rock band. Nan Turner (originally from Washington state) and Matt Roth (originally from Kansas) met at the Sidewalk Cafe in downtown Manhattan (NYC). At the time Nan was playing in Post Riot Grrl band Bionic Finger and Matt was performing as Antifolk acoustic troubadour Major Matt Mason USA. After a series of “Jam Dates” at the now defunct Context Studios a handful of tongue and cheek lofi indie rock sketches were formed based around such banal topics as arguing couples on the street and food.

11:00 My Little Pony (Norway)
"But My Little Pony plays upbeat, lovely soulful indie pop. Think Belle & Sebastian sprinkled with Motown, jazz, and far more instruments, including the banjo, classical strings, brass and the glockenspiel. What keeps My Little Pony an indie pop band as we know it is frontman Ola Insett’s serene, Paul Simon-esque voice."