At Home He's a Tourist


I was at home and I thought I was tired so I was lying on the sofa listening to the radio. I was about to get up and start an argument with Dina until...I stopped... I thought... I was bored. I remembered it was Olive Juice night at Sidewalk that night so I grabbed my coat, put on some shoes an ran out the door. I brought the Coby to listen to Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid on the train. The tape started to warp! That's it! The Coby is for radio use only So I'm on the D train going amazingly slow with no Coby and no magazines. I was worried I was going to miss the show because I left kind of late. I was hoping I could still catch Schwervon! And then hang out for awhile at the chill out party Matt was going to D.J. at. The train was so slow, so when I got downtown it was exactly midnight and when I got to Sidewalk the show was over. I was somewhat surprised because it was the Antifolk Festival and sometimes the shows run late. I looked around for Herb because I knew he was covering the festival for American Songwriter but I couldn't find him. He must have disappeared right after the show. I listened to Matt D.J. from his laptop. He was playing alternative music. I love alternative music, I have a lot of great alternative records, loud biting guitars, pounding drums, and plenty of pop hooks and melodies. The alternative moment went fast and furious but then it went away. Most great alternative groups only could make one alternative record and that's it. The fame and production value windows weren't open long. Some alternative acts turned country, some punk, some pop, some rock, some jam, and some went back to the garage. That might be the last time I ever go to Sidewalk Cafe. It closed for renovations so who knows when it will open again and who knows what kind of venue it will be. I think they should change the name to the Troubador and set it up like the Troubador Club in Los Angeles. I saw a television show about James Taylor and Carole King and how great the Troubador Club was for a singer-songwriter scene. It would also be a cool idea to model it after Enrico's Sidewalk in San Francisco and make a new Beat scene. The beat scene would probably be more interesting but probably more people would enjoy a SInger-Songwriter scene. Anyway, Sidewalk has been the focus of the Antifolk scene for a long time so I know Ben and the Sidewalk crew know something cool to do. I was so glad I went out that night, it was cold, it was dark, and it was late so I could have easily stayed home and nursed my boredom, but I went to Sidewalk and had a blast. Even though I missed the bands it was fun. Matt was spinning some great tunes in the back room, the bar had a great soundtrack too, so it was a great time to chill out and hang with post gig O.J. crew. I talked to Jon Glovin for awhile, actually I talked, Jon was sort of screaming. The show must have been loud and Jon must had still had the volume in his ears. I had lent him my Punk Planet interview book and he water damaged it, so I told him I didn't want it back, I wanted him to buy me a new copy, so he said what if I get you a record instead ( Jon is an opportunistic and savvy record collector). I was like O.K. but you have to get me a Leon Russell record in very good condition. He said O.K. Since then I've gotten a progression of worn 10 cent records, a ventriloquist LP, a religious LP, an elderly LP, and an Irish LP. So I guess I'm getting some music I seriously would never listen to ( and in the case of the ventriloquist LP I didn't even know existed) and even though the LP's are dog eared, mildewed, and stinky, I'd rather have those than the new Elton John Leon Russell record. I wish Bob Dylan would make a new record with Leon. His bands current sound would go good with Leon's production. Nick was hanging out with the Fools so I sat down with them and we talked about Justin Timberlake. Dina and I spin Justin Timberlake when we D.J. as Artists/Pirates, his songs are good for remixing and dancing.