This week at OJ Studios


The place has been noticibly quieter and less cozy with the absence of Nan Turner, who has set off on her first solo European tour. If you live in Europe you should check her out.

(w/ SCHWERVON! adventure in the middle)!
March 31 – Berlin (Schokoladen – w/ one nite stand dancers + Scott Rudd)
April 1 – Dresden (Gartenlokal Fortschrit) (w/ buildings + dresden one nite stands!)
April 2- Leipzig (Galerie Kub)
April 4- Regensburg (Akademie Salon – w/ regensburg one nite stands!)
April 5 – Nurnburg (K4 – w/ John Maus)
April 7 – Bern (Cafe Kairo)
April 8 – Martigny (Les Caves Du Manoir – w/ Magnetix + Movie Star Junkies)
April 9 – Zurich (Binz – w/ Damn It Janet & Nora Duster)
April 11 – Darmstadt (Gute Stube) – w/ darmstadt one nite stand dancers!)
April 12- Koln (Haengendegaerten)
Schwervon! opens for Belle & Sebastian!
April 13 – Zurich (Xtra)
April 14 – Milan (Alcatraz)
April 15 – Munich (Muffathalle)
April 16 – Vienna (Gasometer)
nan solo tour continues!
April 18 – Paris (Pop In – w/ Howard Hughes!)
April 19 – Lille (Drugstore Cafe – w/ dan & rachel!)
April 20 – Nantes (Le Violon Dingue)
April 23 – Buffalo Bar (early show 8:45) – w/ london one nite stands!
April 23 – Windmill (later show 10:15) – w/ london one nite stands!
April 24 – Bristol (Cafe Kino w/ the middle ones!)
April 25 – Norwich (Olives Cafe)
April 26 – Hull (The Adelphi – w/ the middle ones!)
April 27 – Leeds (The Packhorse – w/ the seven inches!)
April 29 – Glasgow (Nice n Sleazys – w/ glasgow one nite stands + Frances McKee (solo) + Haight Ashbury + Mandrake Shepherd Band)

Before she left, Nan managed to lay down a sweet drum track for the new Jon DeRosa/ LD Beghtol album. Jon also managed to lay down a little bass and a nice classical guitar part. Looking forward to next week's cello session.
Yesterday we put the finishing touches on the mastering for the new Jesse Wakeman album.

Better Look from Jesse Wakeman on Vimeo.
Tonight the Wowz are slated to master their latest full length album. It's been a little more than a year in the making, on and off, but I'm very excited about the direciton of this one. All the tracking was performed live and in one room. This proposed a number of unique challenges but in the end I think it gives the album a very distinct vibe.

Rumor has it that Major Matt Mason is working on some new stuff at OJ for the month of April. Stay tuned!

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