Dangerous Ponies, Major Matt at Neverlands (4_3_11)


I discovered a really cool DIY space in Bushwick last night called Neverlands. I think there a couple of "Straight Edge" type spaces in the same building but this place had a nice relaxed and positive atmosphere. There's a great stage and the people that run it were super sweet and supportive. I also finally got to see Dangrous Ponies from Philadelphia. They were great. I met Chrissy from DP when she put on The 3 Headed Beast tour I did with Toby Goodshank and Barry Bliss about a year back at her house in Philly. This night gave me so much good vibes I'm still buzzing the day after. No pics of me since I was taking the pics. A really great time! The Ponies are on a ginourmous US tour so you should check them out if the're playing anywhere near you! http://www.myspace.com/dangerousponies