At Home He's a Tourist


It was Saturday night and I had the place to myself, but event though I could have really slacked off I was being industrious. I was listening to V.U. and JMC to copy down some of the drum patterns they use. Dina's been asking me to write some drum patterns for her so she could change her drumming to be more on time. I keep telling her she should do it, but I guess she can't do it or she thinks I'll have fun doing it. It actually was fun. Bobby Gillespie and Mo Tucker are both really great drummers. And writing out their drum patterns is awesome. 4/4 and 8/8 with a lot of changes and combinations, very minimal but still very complex and the playing is really suited to the music. I went through 4 LPs and had a lot of great drum patterns. I was also getting a bit burnt out. JMC and VU are great bands, but their so rigorous listening to such challenging songs can really wear you out. Luckily for me Matt called me up to meet at a gallery on the lower east side for a concert with Phoebe, Julie, Julie and Dan playing. Matt had called me a few days ago but I spaced and never called him back. That shows what a good friend he is that even though he called and I didn't return his call, he called me again because he knew I would enjoy the show and I did. So I threw on my coat and grabbed my shoes and headed down to the lower east side. I'm so lame I got lost and lost again on the lower side and I had to call Matt a few times for directions. So I finally get there and Sibsi was there and he was in good spirits and fine health so I felt good about that. Life can be so dangerous and treacherous you have to be so careful and still that doesn't guarantee anything. I told him how I was revamping M104 for a re-release, I've been using that lately as one of my stock Prewar answers. Simon was there too so I felt out of the loop because all these cool people were in town and I didn't know. Matt got me to that show so I got to see those guys after all. See Matt is really a good friend. So I get to the gallery and it was an abstract expressionist gallery. There was a fancy bar as you enter and go up a ramp to the gallery and there was a long communal table where everyone sat. They had really good beer there from all over the world, they were really expensive but they were in 40 oz. bottles so I guess it wasn't that expensive. The beer was extra fancy, no Bass or Beck's, mostly beers with unpronounceable names. It was so fancy you couldn't drink it from the bottle, in contrast to the wild and wooly past of the lower east side when forties were drank straight out of the bottle, so you had to sit at the communal table and drink from a glass. It was different and fun. I really like that gallery. I missed Julie's set because I got lost twice but Phoebe played next so I got to see that. Phoebe has a lot of great songs that are humorous yet poignant at the same time. In that setting they seemed smart and clever as well. But you know Phoebe is down to earth with her indomitable good natured wit and positive attitude. So the set was over and I started to get some gallery paranoia. The next artists played and they did a very art world set. The never ending lower east side story t.b.c.