At Home He's a Tourist


So Dina and I were over at Matt's rehearsing for our upcoming show at BTP. We're putting in a lot of work and it's starting to sound pretty good. Matt and Dina are being stubborn about keeping our set set list. I think there are a few songs we should drop from the set because they're not very good but I guess it could be a good idea to keep them in the set because we practiced them and they sound pretty good? Matt is gong to start recording some of our songs at Emandee so at least I know which songs we are not going to record. I have to write some new songs, I have a good idea for a new batch of songs. I really wish we could warp up our M104 disc, it was so strange, I was asked to make a record and record a bunch of compilation tracks, so that was great because it seemed like people were really into Prewar and it woke me up from a writing slumber. I wrote a bunch of songs that are pretty good and got some good recordings of the songs. When we finished it was a coincidence with the economy crash, so I don't know if that was the reason or if everyone involved hated the recordings. It doesn't matter either way, because you know that's show biz and writing and recording and having new songs to play is always great. I wish we could tie up the loose ends of these tracks and put them out on a CDR for some closure. Plus the Prewar catalog is so thin and sporadic if we actually have some tracks recorded we might as well put them out. Dan Willson from Withered Hand was there. he was staying at Matt and Nan's while playing some shows in NYC. He was really nice and he knows a lot about music, so it was cool to meet him. We were hanging out after rehearsal when Nan got home from video shoot. She showed us some footage they had shot. It looked great. It was the kind of video where you film the people in front of the backdrop and then through special effects a background scene is added to the original footage of the people in the foreground. I bought a copy of Love on an Oil Rig by The Victorian English Gentlemens Club and a copy of Jeff's new CD with Peter Stamphill. The former I'm buying without hearing, but the artwork is great, and Matt says it's great, so I think it's a safe bet to say it's great. The latter I know will be great, I've heard Jeff and Peter do some of these songs, so it will awesome to have the CD to listen to at home. We were having a lot of fun at OJ Central, but our babysitter clock was nearing midnight so we had to head home. We got up to Houston and hailed a cab. The cab pulled over and asked us where we were going, uptown Manhattan we said, so the river said o.k. and we jumped into the cab to go home. I said to the driver " do you think I would actually hail a yellow cab and not go somewhere in Manhattan?". He said a lot of people ask to go to the other boroughs but he can't afford it because it takes too much gas and he can't get a return fare back to Manhattan, and if he drives us uptown he will be able to pick up another fare for the ride back downtown. I can understand that, it's really important to consider how people make a living and try to help them maintain their livelihood.