At home he's a Tourist


Instead since I was plugged in through the monitor with my fuzzbox on I decide to begin playing the intro of the first song over the between band music which was cool at first but soon got boring, so instead of putting my guitar down to take five I started to yell over to Dina to start playing. She looked at me like I was crazy, but she started playing even though she looked annoyed. So Dina and I are playing and I got a brilliant idea that we would just start the set with the between band music playing, to be unpredictable and experimental. So I thought Matt would catch on but he hadn't yet so I turned to prompt him. He was trying to tell me something but I couldn't hear him so I figure it could wait until later. It was weird though I couldn't hear his guitar even though Dina and I had fully begun to play the song and the in between music had been turned off. ASo the song sounded horrible, I couldn't hear Matt's guitar and I forgot most of the words because I was disoriented and stressed so I stopped the song about halfway through. SO that was a terrible beginning. So I'm like " Here we go again. Another horrible Prewar Yardsale show". So we kept playing and I could hear Matt's guitar so I felt pretty good and we were relatively cohesive. The set was o.k., but it had it's ups and downs. The songs I had no confidence in and did not want to play were the worst. I already had decided against those songs so I really mailed it in. Last time I was at K I bought a Chain and the Gang LP so for these songs I was totally slacking off and not singing the actual words and melodies and just yelling out various psych slogans Chain and the Gang style. It was entertaining for myself but it only served to confuse Dina, who was singing the actual lyrics, and Chain and the Gang do that style really well but I should stick to my Reed/Reid monotone style, it's better for the songs, the band, and the audience. Despite these setbacks Brian had somehow mad the set sound great. He later explained to me we had to wait for the amps to warm up and that's why we couldn't hear the guitars at first. He's so nice he didn't remind me he asked us to wait 10 more minutes to start. Brian is really nice, at the end of the set he wanted us to play more songs, we were out of songs anyway but it was nice that he wanted us to play more. The audience was nice too, they cheered at the end of the set, wait a minute, were they cheering because it was over? Matt and Dina were great and I had some ideas to fix the songs I had been laming out on, so as usual they had been right in the rehearsals. So I went and got that soda and chilled out for awhile. I went inside to see Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky do a transgressive antifolk Smothers Brothers type of style. I've always loved transgressive music, it's usually so over the top you think it would be completely unbelievable yet some people listen in a literal sense. Brian is really creative, Crabs on Banjo, Mars Chronicles, Beef Jerky, and he does a great Warhol impersonation. I keep forgetting to tell Brian and Jon would go to Times Square and Brian would do his Warhol impersonation and I could be the barker and people would pay us to have Jon take polaroid picture of Brian with the tourist, or local for that matter, then Brian would write, love Andy and draw a flower or something on the back with a sharpie and the tourist/local would keep the photograph and pay $20.00 or so.