At Home He's a Tourist


So Nick was having a birthday party at the Lucky Dog in Williamsburg, so I took the A train, transferred to the L train and got off at Bedford. Bedford Avenue is really hopping at night, there were so many people out and the sidewalk was busy and crowded. I knew the Lucky Dog was only a few blocks away from the Bedford stop, except I didn't exactly know where it was so I walked around trying to find it. I walked a six block radius a few times but I still couldn't find it. I had to call Dina to get the address and then I found it. I must have walked by it a bunch of times and not seen it. Bedford was so bustling that i must have missed it. So Nick is there and I wish him a happy birthday, I didn't have a gift, usually I give a mix tape as a gift, but I didn't have time to make one. I love making mix tapes as gifts because I can make artist/pirates dance tapes, I'm not exactly sure how much people like getting them but I love making them. I like to buy gifts too but I'm really particular so that can be difficult. Ben and Brian were there and I talked to Ben about Sidewalk. Ben is so conscientious, he is really concerned about the history of Sidewalk and is very in tune to the artists that perform there. I sometimes think that if I booked a club I would be like whatever and just start booking stuff that only adhered to some rigorous genre, and if it didn't adhere to the genre I would be like "forget it". When Ben explained booking for history and community that seemed to make a lot more sense. I don't know how people who book clubs and promote shows do it, it seems hectic and pressure filled. Dina and I have put together some shows and it always makes me feel like I'm going to be sick, and I don't even do any of the work. Euchena and Jen were there too. The Lucky Dog was really crowded and even though not everyone was there for Nick's birthday party the whole place was in a celebratory mood, yelling, toasting, singing, dancing, it was like a party and it was crowded. We went out back and sat at a picnic table and it was really mellow, it was a real contrast to what was going on inside. Moonshine came in and he had the new Spin with The Strokes on the cover. It was strange I didn't get my copy yet because as subscriber I have come to except to get my copy a month early and now I get it a month late. I'm pretty sure they don't want to me leak the articles before the street date, so that's reasonable. So there's a picture of Moonshine in the soundcheck section and it is really ridiculous and funny. Moonshine is the witchdoctor for Juggernut and at their show at Cakeshop there was a fire so the fire department came. So in the picture Moonshine looks shocked and concerned but someone else is thanking the fire department, so I guess at that point the fire was out and everyone was safe. So this is a good issue of Spin, once i got the magazine I dropped out of the conversations and started reading it. The Strokes got a good review. I haven't heard their new record yet but I'm sure it's great. I bought First Impressions the afternoon it came out because I got my Spin early and I saw the ad that said the release date was the next day, so I went to the record store the next morning but it wasn't in the racks, so I grabbed the Soviet Kitsch LP, that's such a stunningly brilliant record I'm literally stunned every time I listen to it. I wish I could find Regina's other records on LP. So I go look at 7 inches and the clerks bring out some boxes and start stocking the racks with First Impressions so I grabbed one of those too. That's why I like to get my Spin early.