Woog Riots, Dave End, Sprinkle Genies, Reverned Billy, Dibs, Double Fantasy and more @ OJ Distro Clearance Sale


Round 4
On March 1st the OJ distro is closing up shop. Don't worry everything else on the OJ music site and forum will stay but that means you've got just 3 weeks to order some of the world's most interesting and eclectic independent music, here. Receive a full set of buttons from OJ ALL DAY 1, 2, and 3 with every purchase over 10 dollars.

Woog Riots: PASP - CD $1

Dave End: Fruits Commonly Mistaken for Vegetables - CDR $1

Dave End: How To Hold Your Own Hand - CDR $1

Sprinkle Genies: Looking At the Stars CD $5

Sprinkle Genies: The Class Is On Fire - CDR $5

Play Loud Productions presents: "Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping" - DVD $10

Dibs: Bleeds Books - CDR $3

Dibs: More Unsent Letters: CDR $3

Dibs: Pendulum - CDR $3

Dibs: Slivers and Bits - CDR $3

Double Fantasy: Live A Little - CDR $1

Linda Draper: Keepsake - CD $3

Linda Draper: Bridge and Tunnel - CD $3

Linda Draper: One Two Three Four - CD $3