Rock 'n Rollers Don't Bathe


(MMM show poem 2/26/12 @ Goodbye Blue Monday, NYC)
Goodbye blue Monday.
Food bye glue run day.
Glue fry cow Hundi.
Blue die Al Bundy
I try to have fun day.
Blue Monday on Sunday.
Best buy, fruit fly, fry guy, big sky
Don’t be shy
Say, Hi.
Nice tie.
Superfly hood Sunday
Hooper guy good gun day
Kiss this guy and run day
Play date, date play, plate day
Day break, plate bake, date rape
Grape ape

Goodbye Blue Monday
Good guy no one day
Die hard begun day
Day play, say play, play play
say say

What you want
Bet you don’t
Wet your whistle
But you won’t
Fry your dryer
Inspire a tire
Go higher and higher
Try her and try her
You might find a liar
You might find you like her
You might like a liar

You might lick a liker
You might like, lick her
Or you might like liquor
Or you might like licking her liquor
You might like looking more than licking
You might like licking more than liquor
You might be liquorish
Or liquorash
Or like to lick her ash
I don’t mind. I never did.
Until. I started to.

Goodbye blue Monday
Good my blue ball day
Good die blue doll day
Goodbye due mall day
Bood gye mu blue day
More glue boo do day.
Moo moo do do day.
Boo boo new do day.