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The Rise and Fall of The Christian Pirate Puppets


It saddens me to report that everyone's fourth favorite Toby Goodshank side-project, The Christian Pirate Puppets, is going on an hiatus of undetermined length. Yes, my friends, Camelot is no more. Read more »

What's up with the kids and the music these days?


What ever happened to Rock 'n' Roll? Specifically Rock 'n' Roll songs about Rock 'n' Roll? Looking back on the music of the fifties, when, as I understand it, Rock 'n' Roll began to dominate the mainstream, there were tons of Rock 'n' Roll songs about Rock 'n' Roll. You got Rock Around The Clock. You got Rock And Roll Music. You got Shake, Rattle And Roll. These were great songs. Songs you could dance to. Songs about partying. Songs about Rock 'n' Roll.

Nowadays you got songs about crying and who knows what all else. Who is this for?

The last big song I can think of that's about Rock 'n' Roll is Old Time Rock And Roll by Bob Seger, and maybe that's telling. Maybe writing a song about how much you love Rock 'n' Roll is considered old fashioned. But in this post-modern, deconstructionist, new sincerity era, wouldn't songs about how much we all love Rock 'n' Roll be more approriate than ever?

Here are some ideas for songs, that you can have for free:

You Make Me Feel Like Rock 'n' Roll
Rolling Rock
(Do The) Rock 'n' Roll Twist
The Best Kind Of Music (is Rock 'n' Roll)
I'll Never Apologize, Dad

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