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East Village in NY Times...


I bumped into Helen Stratford on the street today and she told me that she and I and Babs had our photo in a NY Times article about the East Village a few months back and we'd never known it! It was a horrible article actually, in the Real Estate section, I feel sick that Babs and Helen and I were the visual for it.
Where do these people get their journalism degrees? This is some awful stuff.

Of "East Villagers" around Tompkins Square Park the article (by Jake Mooney) says:

"That group has included homeless people and drug users who took over large parts of the park in the late 1980s, more than once clashing with the police. But it also includes people like Ms. Kewalramani, a yoga teacher who paid $1.2 million for her 1,000-square-foot one-bedroom in Christodora House, a 16-story condominium at 143 Avenue B. Loyalists say one of the best things about the park and its environs is that they can comfortably accommodate such a broad spectrum of residents." Read more »

Corpse on my hall


Did I tell you all about the rotting corpse on my hallway?
Awful story!
I'd been smelling this stench on my hall for about 3 weeks, even complained to maintenance over a week ago, half-jokingly saying that I even thought it might be someone who died, I got the semi-racist response "it's probably just a Chinese person cooking a cabbage, that always smells bad." Finally yesterday the old Ukranian lady who lives across the hall from me knocked on my door to ask me if I agreed with her that there was a terrible smell in the hall, she had complained to maintenance also and they blew her off as an annoying old lady. So she and I decided this had gone on long enough and went to the maintenance office together, and convinced them to come check out the smell - they came, belittling our concerns all the while, insisting that it was "not a rotting smell." One maintenance guy said he smelled nothing, and the other guy said there was definitely "a stench" but that it was "definitely from someone's dirty apartment." Read more »

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