Betsy's Place: Episode 6


Betsy Cohen is not just just the super sweet ukulele strumming front woman for the uber catchy songwriting project: The Best. She's also the host of her own NYC cable access show featuring a variety of fun guests and entertaining segments. A recent episode of Betsy's Place (Episode #6) features Fran (JoFranna) in "Crafty Corner" making a homemade hair broach, Elizabeth Devlin playing "Music On The Bed", friend Zach making carmel corn as well as lots of other fun stuff including a dance video featuring the Schwervon! song "Dog Walkers Of the World Unite." Check it out!


Good times

Elastic No-No Band's picture

I'm a big fan of the show... but this is far from the latest episode. She's up to Episode 11 or 12 at this point.

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